Eyes full of dreaming as I
stare at nothing for a while
could be a great idea or
just a thoughtless smile

There are times I take my
steps so carefully
will they lead me
to my fortune
to ruin to boredom
to gret fame

And sometimes
I just don't care what happens
I just walk on to

what ever will come next
I walk in ever quicker pace
maybe I'm just running
maybe I get chased

maybe it's a crime and
maybe justice
at the end of all my great plans
my path lies
so clearly before me

And truely
I love the times when I live
just for the moment - NOW

Children of time
we long for moments passing by, we
want to try life
we'd like to see if we were right, we
all want to know
what future brings and if we should just
stop here, or could go further?

All that we do - all we are trying
we never know - will we be flying
on the wings of glory
or will we fall
down ever so deep

Day after day
we do as we've been told before, 'til
one day we find
that life means changes, LIFE MEANS MORE
Silently small
ideas become a driving force, 'til
one thought will tilt
our balance, once it's spoken out

Still, right away - we hardly see, which
thought of today - will change reality, so
don't just push away responsibility

If we feel that seeking answers
can be just as important
as to keep breathing,
'cause knowing everything
would mean the death of imagination,
and the world of our minds
would stand still as frozen time,
then the reason why we
don't stop asking questions
might be that it is simply
the heart of our existence.

All of our lives we try to
slay the pain and seek for joy
worship holy pleasure
we just don't want to suffer

Who'll ever tell
what's really wrong, what's really right, and
where will we find
our reasons and the final answer?

What will we do
once that we know it?
Where will we go
after we found peace?
Will we still be human - or like
fossilized angels

Since we don't know
just let's go further
see what we find
gold is not the only thing that shines
so, live, enjoy - and
keep an open mind